Maxim Media Kit

Ad Sizes

Magazine Trim Size 9″ × 10.875″
Binding Method Perfect Bound
Printing Process Web Offset
Size Trim Bleed Non-Bleed
Spread 18 x 10.875 18.25 x 11.125 17.5 x 10.375
Full Page
(includes covers)
9 x 10.875 9.25 x 11.125 8.5 x 10.375

Keep live matter 1⁄4″ from final trim
1⁄8″ bleed over trim on all sides

Digital Editions
iPad Retina 1350 px x 1632 px
iphone 4 640 px x 960 px
iPhone 5 640 px x 1136 px
iPhone 6 750 px x 1334 px
Cost for Supplied Enhanced Ads $5,000
Distribution Platforms Zinio, iTunes, Nook, Kindle, Google Play
Straight from Print (SFP) Ads
Non-interactive ads are resized for the tablet devices directly from the supplied print ads (PDF X1a). They are automatically centered and proportionately scaled to best fit the device in portrait orientation.
Designed for Tablet (DFT) Ads
Non-interactive ads designed to fit the iOS and Android devices in portrait-orientation.
Enhanced for Tablet (EFT) Ads
Interactive ads that are designed to fit the iOS and Android devices in portrait-orientation. Multiple URL’s may be activated.
Digital-Only Ads
Digital-Only ads are ads that run on the tablet but do not appear in the print version of the issue.
Digital-Only ads may be static (no functionality) or enhanced.
All national full-page-and greater ads that have not opted-out by Order Close Date will be included on the iOS and Android editions as a Straight from Print (SFP) ad unless the advertiser’s intention to run Designed for Tablet (DFT) ad or Enhanced for Tablet (EFT) ad is communicated to MAXIM Inc. prior to ad close date.
You may not opt out of one device and run on another. If you opt out, you are opting out of all devices. (iOS and Android)
All ads run portrait only.
Ads converted to DFT must be consistent with print and have the same brand, product messaging, and image content in the creative.
A spread ad can be re-designed to a single cell. If spreads are not re-designed for a single cell, user will see LHP first and swipe to reveal RHP.
Coupon/Copy Split/Fractional Ads
Straight for Print (SFP) coupon ads must be re-supplied with coupon removed. It should be supplied as a Designed for Tablet (DFT) ad. The new file must be uploaded to the AdShuttle portal - Copy split ads are not available. One ad should be chosen to run in all markets/editions. Fractional ads cannot be accommodated. Please submit a full page version of your ad if you would like to be included in the Tablet editions.
Scent Strips/Supplied Inserts
Scent strips and supplied insert units are entitled to participate in the PDF replica edition as well as all digital editions. It is recommended to submit a 300 DPI PDF-x/1a of the finalized creative via AdShuttle to ensure the highest quality possible on various platforms and devices. If a PDF is not received by the specified due date, Maxim Inc. will scan directly from the printed materials to appear in our PDF edition.
Final ad placement is subject to editorial approval. No competitive separation guarantees. Editorial sensitivities will not need considerations since there are no ad/edit adjacencies.
File/Creative Submission
Resize creative and upload one or two JPG, PDF or PNG files at 300 DPI, RGB. See full specs for devices above.


Steve Pang