Maxim Media Kit

Digital Specs

Unit Dimensions Expansion Initial Load Size
Billboard 970×250 60 KB
Leaderboard 728×90 728×315 40 KB
Super Leaderboard / Pushdown 970×66 / 970×90 970×415 60 KB
Medium Rectangle 300×250 600×250 40 KB
Half Page 300x600 600x600 60 KB
Mobile Banner 320×50 320×480 40 KB
Slideshow Hero 600×500 60 KB
All audio and expanding units must be user initiated.
Polite Load Size is 110 KB
User Initiated Load Size is 2.2 MB
Accepted display formats are .gif/.jpg/.swf/.png/.html
Out of Page Units
Unit Dimensions Max File Size Frame Rate Max length AUdio
Video Interstitial 640×480 or higher (4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio 4 MB Min 23.97, Max 30 15 Seconds User Initiated
Unit Dimensions INITIAL Load Size
Desktop Interstitial 640×480 100 KB
Mobile Interstitial 300×250 100 KB
Tablet Interstitial 768×1024,
100 KB
Must be 3rd party built and served. Close button must be visible at all times. Must timeout after 15 seconds
Unit Dimensions Max File Size Frame Rate Max Length Audio
Video 640×480 or higher
(4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
100 MB Min 23.97, Max 30 15 seconds Auto. Audio: 128 kbps / 44 hz
We accept up to VAST 3.0, VPAID, .mov, .mp4 and .flv.
An optional display companion banner may be included. Please follow the guidelines for the Medium Rectangle for this unit.
Unit Dimensions File Size Accepted Formats
Skin 1720×1500 100 KB gif/jpg/png
All skins must be site served, impressions and click trackers are accepted. Please see the style guide for additional information on dimensions.


Our newsletters run a static leaderboard creative, please follow the guidelines for that unit.
We do accept third party impression and click tags, but cannot serve flash creative.


Each E-Blast submissions must contain the following
Subject Line: Up to 70 characters
Test List: emails of internal individuals to receive the E-Blast tests.
Seed List: emails of internal individuals to receive the final E-Blast
Geo-Targeting: Any geo-targeting requirements
Restrictions: Any restrictions i.e. 18+ 21+
Client's physical corporate address and company name
Opt-out Link
Can Spam Suppression Waiver
Suppression file: .txt, .csv, or Excel file of email addresses that have opted-out of email communications from the advertiser.
Client may supply either a compliant HTML file or a static image.
HTML File Requirements
E-blast may only contain HTML, text, JPG or GIF images.
Table-based HTML layouts must be centered 650 pixels wide
Each HTML file shall also contain fully qualified web links with PDF, Word Document or other non-traditional "web page" links clearly identified.
All file CSS must also be "inline" with no embedded styles sheets, external linked style sheets, CSS for positioning, or CSS layers. Use of the background image attribute is additionally not permitted.
File Size: 90kb maximum file size including all images and the HTML file
Static Images E-Blasts Requirements
Static images E-Blast ads may be .jpg, .gif, .png, or .psd file types.
Maximum width 650 pixels. Maximum height is flexible.
File size should not exceed 65kb.
Text Version (optional)
A separate text version can be provided for users who choose to only accept plain text emails. We normally just send to these users a link to the HTML version, but if the advertiser wishes to send their own unique copy for text-only recipients then they can.
Maxim will route a proof back to you via e-mail for comments/approval.
For more information, contact your Maxim sales representative or call 212.302.2626
Please note that specific deployment dates cannot be promised. The blast will deploy 3-5 days from final approval.
E-Blast deployment date is determined by client.
All materials must be received by at least 7 days prior to deployment. Please note that we do not accept e-mails larger than 8 megabytes. If your art is larger than 8 megabytes, please contact us and we will arrange FTP of the files.