Maxim Media Kit

Insert Requirements

GENERAL Publication Trim: 9″ × 10.875″
Binding Method: Perfect
Jog Direction: Foot
Trim Allowance: .125″ from face, gutter, head & foot
BIND IN CARDS Minimum Size: 6″ × 4″
Maximum Size: Publication trim size plus trim allowance
Minimum Stock Weight: 75# hi bulk
SCENT STRIPS Maximum Width: 8.25″ × 11.125″ (includes 1.5″ flap) delivers at 9.75″ × 11.125″
SIGNATURES Minimum Pages: 2
Maximum Pages: 32
2 pp 70# text minimum
4 pp 60# text minimum
6 pp and up 50# text minimum
Packing and Shipping
Skids and pallets should be made to the following specifications:
  • Pallet Size: 40″ × 48″
  • Pallet Height: 45″ (including the pallet)
  • Pallet Top (if used): 40″ × 48″
  • Maximum Weight per pallet: 1,800 lbs.
  1. All materials must be accompanied by a detailed packing list and Bill of Lading ("BOL").
  2. Each skid and/or carton should be clearly marked on all four sides with the following information:
    1. Counts per lift/carton
    2. Total counts per skid
    3. Total number of pieces (forms) for roll stock and/or fanfold
    4. Description of piece (key code, unique identifier)
    5. Title and issue or a Quad/Graphics job number. (please contact Maxim Production)* If the Quad/Graphics job number is not available, the BOL must include the title and issue of the product being delivered.
  3. All skids must be secured, wrapped and banded with plastic banding, not metal.
Scheduled Delivery Appointments
In order to avoid delays, deliveries MUST be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with Quad/Graphics' Inventory Department. As a carrier, you should call to make an appointment at which time you'll be provided with an appointment number. This appointment number must appear on the BOL. If you do not have an appointment, delivery will not be refused, but will be delayed until the receiving schedule permits an unscheduled delivery.
When calling please specify "Insert Receiving."
414.566.2100, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Shipping address Bob Lang
Quad Graphics
N11896 Hwy 175
Lomira, WI 53048-2718


Steve Pang

* If you experience any technical issues please contact:
Steve Pang, 212.372.8648,