Maxim Media Kit

Mechanicals & Delivery

Digital Requirements
AD SHUTTLE INFO Please upload your PDF x-1a (preferred) to
First time users must register before uploading materials. Please do not stuff or zip files.
Files on disc are not accepted.
SPECIFICATIONS Build page to trim and extend bleed 1⁄8″ beyond page edge.
Keep live matter 14″ from final trim.
All elements to be placed at 100% with no rotation or cropping.
Pantone colors must be in CMYK mode.
Color builds should not contain any color less than 5%. Reproduction of tints built from less than 5% is not guaranteed.
All images must be 300 dpi; 133 line screen.
Maximum ink density: 300%
TYPE REPRODUCTION Type should never be less than 6 point boldface. Fine and/or serif type should be used at a minimum.
Reverse type: When lettering reverses out of CMYK, the type should not be less than .007" (the thickness of a 1/2 point rule) at the thinnest part of a character. The dominant color should be used for the shape of the letter and subordinate colors spread slightly to minimize registration issues.
FONTS Font information should include manufacturer, font name, and version.
Do not apply style attributes to font (bold, italic). Instead, use a different version of the font (e.g. Helvetica Bold).
COLOR CALIBRATION Include 5%, 25%, 50%, 95% and 100% Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black control patches.
PROOFS 1 proof must accompany each ad.
See for more information
Accepted types of proofs are: Kodak Approval, Iris, or Dupont Waterproof
All proofs must have color bars.
SWOP standards, GATF/SWOP approved scales, targets, and control patches.


Steve Pang

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First-time users must register before uploading materials.